Garlic, Black Pepper and Balsamic vinegar

A beautiful and powerful organic, extra virgin infused olive oil. A dream, ready-made vinaigrette that would grace any salad. It brings together two pillars of Italian cuisine: excellent extra virgin olive oil and the world renowned balsamic vinegar of Modena

Ideal condiment for all red meats, particularly beef, game, duck, and why not? pigeon and venison. And of course our oil will amaze you over grilled or poached fish. If you like to keep it simple, just dip some bread in it; the wow factor is guaranteed.

extra virgin organic olive oil 93%
organic garlic 3%
organic black pepper 2%
Nutritional value per 100ml
energy 3566kJ/852kcal
fat 86g
- saturates 16g
- mono unsaturates 62g
- poly unsaturates 7,5g
vitamin E 26,18mg
carbonhydrates 0g
- sugar 0g
proteïn 0g
salt 0g
Contents 250mle
Store in a dark and cool place


ander plaatjebiocert

Our most powerful variety and yet subtle and refined.

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