As from 1910 the company confined itself to cultivating ottobratica, lecciono and ciciarello olives on the tarraced slopes of the Monte Poro. These olive varieties are reknown for the excellent quailty oil they yield.

Pata aims for a sustainable way of running their business. In practice this implies much attention and care for conserving organism in the soil, working with plant variaties well adapted to local conditions, banning the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical herbicides and limiting emissions as much as possible. Genetically modified plants are also banned. Naturally you are welcome to come and visit and see for yourself how Pata works to contribute to a better environment.

Extra vergine olive oil


This stunning oil combines very low acidity with very high anti-oxidant content. Beautifully balanced and harmonious, with hints of basil and fruit, the oil is simply a perfect combination of taste and healthiness. No wonder it has been winning prizes year in year out.
Just try it, at the price we are offering it is fantastic value and we promise: You will not be disappointed!!

L Opere e i Giorni

This line of infused oil is being produced by Azienda Agricola Pata Antonio, Monte Poro in Calabria.

Life is to be enjoyed. But the art is to find enjoyment in the simple things, to see beauty in the ordinary which makes ordinary things into extraordinary pleasures. Thus, enjoy your food, taste attentively, share your experiences. We are always willing to assist in this respect, amongst other with our enjoyable oils that carry the taste of herbs and fruits en which make life extra pleasant.

Le Opere e i Giorni

extra vergine olive oil





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