We prefer things to be transparant and thus we aim at maximum aproachability. OlioItalia is based out of Cambridge. The oil is being produced and bottled by Pata in Calabria and our interests in the Benelux have been delegated to Trentanove and FOODbazar in the Netherlands.




Life is to be enjoyed. But the art is to find enjoyment in the simple things, to see beauty in the ordinary which makes ordinary things into extraordinary pleasures. Thus, enjoy your food, taste attentively, share your experiences. We are always willing to assist in this respect, amongst other with our enjoyable oils that carry the taste of herbs and fruits en which make life extra pleasant.

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Le Opere e i Giorni

Masseria Antica Barbalace
extra vergine olive oil

Supporting CamSight...We are proud of our association with CamSight.and we gladly support them for their fund-raising events. As a means to further increase our support, we are delighted to give to CamSight 5% of all purchases you will make through us. If you would like to take advantage of the scheme and donate to a worthy cause while you buy our wonderful products, simply use the purchase code: "camsight05" whenever you place your order through our websites or inform us via an email.

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