Bergamot infused

A very nice companion to seafood, braised meats, grilled vegetables, spicy cheeses, fruit salads, even as an ingredient for fruit and chocolate-based desserts.

A superb and highly original oil, fully in keeping with the Mediterranean tradition of great taste and healthiness. Bergamot is indigenous of Calabria, and its unique scent is used extensively in perfumes. It is of course the fruit used to flavour Earl Grey tea.
You will be very pleasantly surprised but watch it, it can be addictive!

organic extra virgin olive oil 97%
organic bergamot 3%
Nutritional value per 100ml
energy 3566kJ/852kcal
fat 89g
- saturates 16g
- monounsaturates 89g
- polyunsaturates 7,8g
vitamine E 26,2mg
carbohydrates 0g
- sugars 0g
proteine 0g
salt 0g
contents 250mle
Store in a cool a dry place, away from direct sunlight.




Bergamot evokes exotic associations, images of 1000-and-one night. And rightly so, as it is an exeptional fruit with a distinquished aroma and elusively hard to find.

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