Basil Infused

The herb is known as the King's herb, which is more than justified. The taste is both remarkable and subtle.

There are indications that basil possesses antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties, and also has potential applications for the treatment of cancer.

This beautiful, organic, extra-virgin infused oil, is full of flavour and character. An ideal accompaniment to meats and seafood. Perfect for drizzling on salads. It is also a ready-made condiment for pasta and rice. Pour a spoonful of the oil over a bowl of quality pasta, and it is a ready-to-use pesto, with no preparation needed. Ideal if you like the taste of pesto and you do not want to use dairy products.

organic extra virgin olive oil 97%
organic basil 3%
Nutritional value per 100ml
energy 3566kJ/852kcal
fat 89g
- saturates 16g
- monounsaturates 89g
- polyunsaturates 7,8g
vitamine E 26,2mg
carbohydrates 0g
- sugars 0g
proteine 0g
salt 0g
contents 250mle
Store in a cool a dry place, away from direct sunlight.


ander plaatjebiocert

One of the most enticing smells, makes life itself tast glorious.

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